6 Tips to enhance your craft cocktail.
Written By: Chris Gutierrez

Measure your pour
Creating a cocktail is all about balance, so use the proper tools. The biggest mistake made is not properly measuring ingredients in a drink.

Fresh ice is key.
Your ice is more important than you think. Since the water melts as it’s diluted, be sure to use a good water source.

If you squeeze fruit, juice comes out.
If you want to elevate your cocktail then be sure to use freshly squeezed juices and herbs. Concentrated or artificially flavored juices are high in sugar and lack the crisp taste.  Expect about 1 ounce per lemon or lime, 2.5 ounces per orange, and 8 ounces for a grapefruit. Be sure when using herbs to do a couple light claps in order to release the essential oils.

Stock your bitters, mixers, and syrups
It’s necessary to utilize your bitters & syrups to take the edge off of sour or sweet flavors. This is how the balance is created throughout a cocktail. Make sure to buy orange & angustura bitters as they are most common. Syrups are easily made, check our no calorie stevia syrup recipe in our blog.

Stir vs. shake
Usually, cocktails with fruit juice, cream, or eggs should be shaken (until condensation forms on shaker), then double strained using a boston strainer with a mesh strainer. Drinks composed entirely of spirits should be stirred using a bar spoon around the perimeter for about 20 seconds.

Glasses & Garnish
Your cocktail needs a well-chilled glass, keep a few in the freezer or give them a quick freeze by placing ice water in it while you create the cocktail mixture. Presentation is vital as well, be sure to utilize the correct glass wear. Don’t forget the garnish, it’s a key factor so get creative!


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