A Lean™ Look at Simple Syrup
Written By: Chris Gutierrez

Simple syrup is a very common ingredient in most crafted cocktails… unfortunately.

It’s an evil concoction consisting of equal parts water and sugar. It does alleviate the bitterness of most cocktails but at the expense of 50 calories per ounce. We know the balance of a cocktail is vital, at Lean we suggest using a stevia-based syrup substitute.  This simple syrup sweetened with stevia contains zero calories per 1/2 cup compared to a sugar-sweetened simple syrup that has 400 calories per 1/2 cup. Swap your syrups and drop around 60 calories per cocktail

Lean Stevia Syrup Recipe- 

  1. Add 3.5 tablespoons of a natural stevia sweeter.
  2. Blend into a  1/2 cup of warm water until dissolved completely.
  3. Keep refrigerated.


Cheers & Live Lean!








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