A Lean™ Approach – Carb Loading
Written By: Mark Hashim, M.D

Mark Hashim, M.D – No, I am not talking about how to order Lean Vodka, although this is the only spirit I would recommend if you are interested in great tasting vodka with 1/3 less calories than any other vodka on the market.

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am a 52-year-old Medical Doctor and I have always been physically active, but more importantly I have been very conscious of the foods I eat and the times of the day I eat these foods.  I have learned that 10 percent of how you stay lean is determined by what you do in the gym and 90 percent is determined by what you consume outside the gym.

My recommendations on what to eat and how to eat come directly from John Kiefer,BA, MS who has authored Carb Nite Solutions and Carb Back Loading.  His works along with his scientific findings are available at www.bodyio.com.

I am going to present a very concise shortened version, but believe me there is a tremendous amount of science and research to these approaches.  It’s time to ignore the American Dietary Recommendations (look around you, most Americans are overweight) and think outside the box.  Most importantly though is that these recommendations contribute to a very healthy body inside and out.

Carb Nite Solutions is a way of consuming foods if you are not active in the gym performing resistance training.  Carb Back Loading is for those who routinely train with resistance methods, specifically free weights.

Both of these methods not only make you look better, they make you feel better and have been shown to reverse medical conditions such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes and coronary artery disease among other disease states.  Also the person’s body functions better even at the cellular level.

Carb Nite Solutions (CNS) refers to avoiding all carbohydrates in your foods during the week.  One night a week however you can consume all those goodies you desire such as pizza, burgers, fries, doughnuts, cookies, cake and ice cream.  Simply put, by avoiding carbohydrates (sugars) you prevent the pancreas from releasing the hormone insulin, which is responsible for storing sugars as fat.  Please remember that eating fat does not make you fat, but eating carbohydrates will make you fat along with predisposing you to numerous medical conditions.   So don’t do what the American diet has been doing for years and try a new and better approach.  You will start your day with coffee and heavy cream, that’s right heavy cream.  You see heavy cream has fat and no sugars and as a result there is no insulin spike.  If we give ourselves sugar when we wake up, we immediately stop the fat burning process our bodies are in.  Instead, if we consume fat and protein we will continue to use fat as our energy source.  So go ahead and have some bacon and eggs, which contain quality fats and protein, but don’t add the breads or cereals because that will cause an insulin spike and will start the process of storing the carbohydrates as fat.  The advantage of eating the fats and protein is that it will satiate you and at the same time prevent the release of the dangerous hormone insulin.  During the remainder of the day continue to eat fats and proteins and avoid carbohydrates at all costs.  Then, on that one special night, go socialize, enjoy yourself and consume whatever you desire.  I know this sounds crazy, but hormonally this works perfect your body and your cells.  As you eliminate carbohydrates during the days, your fat burning hormone, leptin begins to decrease, and by the 6th day it is almost nonexistent.  By eating all those sugars on the 7th night, you recharge the fat burning hormone leptin.

Carb Back Loading is used by many athletes (Arnold himself used it but did it know the science).  For the resistance-training athlete, avoid all carbohydrates during the day and after training (in the afternoon), begin to consume high glycemic carbohydrates and protein.  Also if you are able, consume those high glycemic carbohydrates before bed.  Again I know this sounds counterintuitive, but if you read his book and see the thousands of medical journal references, hopefully you too will be convinced that this approach is ideal.  No more cravings, no more numerous meals throughout the day, jus a few simple fat and protein meals until you train, and then enjoy those sugars along with your meats.

If you have any questions, feel free to Lean on me.

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